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Ōtautahi Christchurch

Christchurch Economic Ambition

Our Economic Ambition

Ōtautahi Christchurch is ambitious. We want to grow our economy in ways that are good for business, people and the planet.

We want a future that’s based on a regenerative economy – where more carbon is eliminated than produced and there’s a focus on reusing, repairing and repurposing materials, rather than taking, making and disposing of them.

Part of this is changing how we act but that alone will not solve the world’s challenges. It will also take innovation — and leading the way with climate-positive innovations will bring prosperity.



Christchurch Economic Ambition

Christchurch City Arial Sunset

Achieving Our Ambition

Achieving our ambition will take all of us and be a multi-generational journey.

Read the Ambition to learn how you can contribute to our future economic growth in a way that benefits all people and this beautiful place we call home.

Download The Ambition

Economic Ambition Monitoring

This dashboard shows trends across 10 key categories to measure how Christchurch is progressing towards its Economic Ambition goals.

Christchurch Economic Ambition News